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July 7 - Geoff Tate, frontman for the band Queensryche, performed at The World in Manhattan. Rab was there to interview and photograph him. Check out the Photo albums for pictures.

RAB appears with Jule and Scott The Engineer on the Jule Carey Hour radio show at Cyber Storm Radio

RAB visits The World in Manhattan for the Danzig - Prong - Damnaged Concert and gets spanked then greets naked nuns


Tune in to the Jule Carey Hour to hear RAB's mouth in action on Cyber Storm Radio along with Jule Carey and Scott "The Engineer" Schiaffo. Jule Carey is a New Jersey raised singer/songwriter with the debut album "Little Did I Think". Scott Schiaffo is an actor/musician who has appeared in several feature films including Kevin Smith's Clerks and Vulgar.

9:00PM EDT
6:00PM EDT
11:00PM EDT

If you would like to send a message directly to RAB you may email him. All inquiries may be sent to


I would like to congratulate everyone for not blowing all of their fingers off on this Independance Day week. Had you blown your fingers off you would not be able to log on to this website. Happy Birthday United States of America!

These photos were taken at the Danzig concert at The World in Manhattan's Times Square on June 28, 2002. Danzig is on tour with Prong and Damnaged. Interviews by Al Cocchi with the two opening bands will be aired on Cyber Storm Radio.

Click Here to see the Photos



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